Take the chance and dance all spring 2020!

Take the chance and dance all spring 2020!
The jazzline in Södertälje is aimed at those who want to further develop your dance technique with the aim of having the dance as your profession.
The education is full-time, free, CSN-eligible and has jazz in various techniques. Accommodation is to be recommended in close to the dance studio. The course is a collaboration between Södertörn Folkhögskola, ABF and JAM dansstudio. During the training, we move between different dance technique such as: high heels, contemporary, commercial jazz, hip hop, modern, yoga and dance History.
The dance teachers have long experience and work with you so that you develop within the style, get knowledge and understanding within the different techniques.

Dance teachers for the education for spring 2020 are among others: Yeya Ekström, Alex Araya, Maria Sundin and Yasemin Nilsson Altan.
During your training you also get to create your own choreographies on the subject and practice practicing others. The goal is that after the education you have the opportunity to get closer to the way you want to act as a dancer in the field, find your own expression in your dance and get knowledge needed for further dance career.

JAM dansstudio- ABF
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151 73 Södertälje

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