Slava Ruza

Here is my story about how i introduced myself to dance and how it became a big part of my life.

I am originally from Latvia and this is where i had my very first dance experiense joining a group of Latvian folk dance in the local house of culture. This is how i discovered that i can express myself the best in the motion. Since then i have tried many dance styles including balroom dance , ballet and show dance. I worked as a dancer for more than 10 years being a part of a dance company. I have danced with the famous artists in Latvia and performed in big events such as National Eurovision song contest and music festivals broadcasted nationally as well as toured with the dance company around the country.

I moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. After a short break in dance i joined Opera Light company as a dancer and at the moment i am still part of this company regularly performing in the Boulevardteatern in Stockholm and touring around Sweden.

I discovered pole dance in 2013 and since then pole dance became a big part of my life. I was taught everything about pole dance in North Pole Studio in Stockholm and this is where I am currently training and also teaching classes.

Despite my strong connection with the poledance world i never stoped developing myself as a dancer and at this point i feel myself most comfortable in Modern Jazz style. I am attending classes at Balettakademien and assisting Sara Kullander in her Modern Jazz classes.

I am actively attending Pole Sport and Pole Art championships since 2013.
I am double Swedish national Pole Sport champion (2014/2015) and also double 1st runner up at the World Pole Sport Championship (2014/2015) as well as IPC2015 Men Pole ART champion. In 2016 together with Anna Valfsson I won Pole ART title in the Pole Theatre World.

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